Ahhhhh… Sunday Mornings!

At the end of a hectic week what could be better than a peaceful, loving, reconnection that a Sunday morning could offer?

Folks–sometimes you have to shove life and all its responsibilities to the sidelines and behave as though that person you have been sleeping with for a decade is a new and exciting relationship.  How would you treat a new love? How would the both of you be if you were on vacation?  Why must you fly somewhere and stay in a hotel to accomplish some couple time?  Why not put at least one morning a month aside for your partner?

Try this and I promise you will be a believer.  Brush your teeth! Grab your coffee and hang a do not disturb sign on your bedroom door.  I recommend creating a playlist filled with relaxing music and slide it in to a player–I cleverly call mine Sunday Mornings!  This starts to set a relaxing spa type mood. Even though it’s daylight–light a candle.  Now that you have ambiance; sip your coffee, peruse the paper, laugh at the funnies, hold hands, play footsies, tickle each other and have some fun, reconnect.  Don’t forget to have some massage lotion nearby in the event a back rub is in order.

Coffee worn off?  Hungry now? Luckily you’ve already thought ahead.  You made Overnight French Toast and it’s waiting for you to pop in the oven.  Complete the table with a little fresh fruit and perhaps another cup of Joe and you are good to go, recharged, and ready to face another week.

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Travel writing is my passion however when I’m not actively exploring exciting new locations, you will find me laughing with my family and friends, cooking up something marvelous in the kitchen, trying to save the planet, or searching for my one true love.

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  1. jpuff Says:

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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